A Little About Us

We specialize in giving professional training to help you master your game.

GolfTrainingOnline.info is an online golf learning center, providing you with professional tuition that can be used to take you from a complete beginner to the golf master.

Learning golf does not need you to have access to a course.  You can learn with just a few clubs and an open field, such as your local park. We will teach you how to master teeing off and every technique needed to putt the ball.

As a student of GolfTrainingOnline.info you will have access to 4 sessions - the long drive (all about teeing off), the short game (all about putting and chipping) and golf practice & course management.

Your new training will be available 24/7 and work on PC and Mac computers as well as mobile devices such as ipads & iphones.

We offer all 4 sessions for only $49.97.


Learn every aspect of the game from a professional golfer

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